Linux Home Server – Amahi

The Amahi server is a Linux Home Server distribution targeted for home and home office environments.

The focus of the Amahi server is to create a home server with usability, cross-platform compatibility and ease of use in mind.More simply, the Amahi server is about making your home networking simple!

Amahi provides all the things you would want in a home server:

* Calendaring, Wiki
* Shared network storage, Network Backups
* Printer server, Remote access, … and a few other features!

The Amahi server is Linux-based, which means it’s reliable and virus-free. The project aims to be 100% compatible with PCs and Macs. The goal is to make it a joy to install, run, and more so, a joy to use!

For installs:
* Live CD installs, or
* CD-ROM install, or
* Install on an existing Fedora machine

Hardware Requirements
* The machine should be at least Pentium 3 running at 800MHz
* Recommended RAM is 256 or greater, but it can be done with a little as 128MB
* Some disk space (some users like it large, to store their media)
* One network device


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